Many SME companies with Microsoft 365 have a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) module included in their license for controlling sensitive company data and assisting with compliance. Blue Arca offers consulting services to you on implementing this DLP solution.

The Microsoft 365 DLP module detects sensitive content as it is used and shared throughout your organization, in the cloud and on devices, and helps prevent accidental data loss. The 365 DLP module can examine your email messages and files for sensitive information.

Using DLP to detect sensitive information, allows you to take actions such as:
– Logging the event for auditing purposes;
– Displaying a warning to the end user who is sending the email or sharing the file;
– Actively block the email or file sharing from taking place.

This enables you to increase your control over emails and company files that may contain sensitive information or Intellectual Property (IP).

We can provide consulting services to assist your compliance and IT teams to set up and test policies that can be applied to Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. These consulting services will also provide assistance in setting up sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365 to classify and protect documents and emails.

If you would like more information about Microsoft 365 DLP please contact us here.