Cyber Security for Luxury Maritime

The world of super yachts represents the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. However, the increasing reliance on digital technology and interconnected systems has made cyber security a critical concern for super yacht owners. We believe understanding the potential cyber risks your vessel, guests, crew and yourself are exposed to is crucial, and periodic assessments of potential cyber threats are essential.

Cyber security for super yachts

We work with players across the luxury maritime value chain

Cyber security is as strong as its weakest link. We believe that all stakeholders in the value chain need cyber security to ensure that risks on super yachts are mitigated. The dependency on different stakeholders can introduce cyber vulnerabilities that are out of direct control of a yacht owner. We provide cyber security services in the complete luxury maritime value chain. These services help stakeholders to operate with confidence and according to regulatory requirements enabling better services for their clients.

Designers & Architects
Yacht Builders & Shipyards
Brokers & Management Companies
Yacht Insurance & Law Firms
Equipment Suppliers
IMO & Classification Societies

Our Services are Bespoke

Since 2018, Blue Arca has been focused on identifying cyber risks present in the luxury maritime industry and working with vessels and associated businesses to increase their digital security. Our services are bespoke for each client and range in complexity depending on client needs. Select services include:

Ethical “Blackbox” HackingSafety Management &
Incident Response
Bespoke Internal Technology Risk Assessment
CISO as a service
Cyber Security Staff/Crew Awareness 
Darkweb Monitoring Service 

Super Yacht Cyber Security Reviews

We identify all types of vulnerabilities, from navigation systems to Bluetooth key access cards, and provide recommendations to mitigate cybersecurity risks about your vessel, ranging from:

  • Satellite Internet Connections
  • Navigation Systems
  • WIFI Access Points
  • Bluetooth
  • RFID
  • Network Segregation Devices
  • Endpoint Devices
  • Connections with Marinas, Harbours or Ports
  • Storage of sensitive information
  • Privacy of on-board webcams

Safety Management & Cyber Incident Response

Also, we facilitate cyber security operating procedures for the safety management system of super yachts and take care of incident response readiness. We assess the preparedness of the captain and crew for a cyber incident by providing Cyber Incident Response Planning and training, ensuring effective response measures are in place in case of a cyber attack.

Cyber Security Crew Awareness

This service is designed to train the yacht’s crew on how to actively prevent cyber attacks and is done onsite. It involves a Phishing Simulation, Online/Onsite Training, Bespoke Cyber Materials prepared for the vessel (e.g. posters, videos, & instructions).

Digital bug sweeping (Cyber TSCM)

Our digital bug sweeping services for yachts are essential in maintaining privacy and security on your luxury vessel. For high-value individuals who prioritize confidentiality, this comprehensive approach to digital security is vital to protect against both conventional eavesdropping and more sophisticated cyber threats. Our services utilise sophisticated technology to detect and neutralise a wide array of electronic surveillance devices, including hidden cameras, microphones, GPS trackers, and unauthorized Wi-Fi access points.

Information Security and Confidentiality are Paramount

We place the information security and confidentiality of our client relationships in the highest regard. Period reviews ensure that our services align with with the cyber security guidelines of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) which are essential to safeguard the privacy, operational integrity, financial security, and reputation of super yacht owners and industry players.

Cyber Security for Super Yachts

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