Microsoft 365 App Certification

As the demand for Microsoft 365 (M365) apps continues to rise, so does the need for companies to demonstrate the security of their applications. Microsoft’s 365 App Certification program addresses this need, offering app developers a way to differentiate their products in the marketplace. At Blue Arca we assist organisations to achieve this certification to increase trust in their Microsoft Apps.

Understanding Microsoft 365 App Certification

As a Microsoft App developer you have completed the Publisher Attestation to publish your app. In addition, you came across The Microsoft 365 App Certification. This is a certification to ensure that Apps from the Microsoft App Source store comply with Microsoft’s security requirements. It increases trust in applications that run on Microsoft products and offers significant benefits for companies. This includes distinguished visibility within the Microsoft AppSource marketplace and enhanced credibility with users.

To receive this certification, companies must meet several criteria, including successful completion of a thorough security assessment and penetration test. It’s a demanding process, but with the right support, it can become significantly smoother.

Blue Arca M365 App Certification Services

Blue Arca specialises in helping businesses in navigating the complex path towards Microsoft 365 App Certification. We have designed a holistic service to streamline the certification process and helped our clients to certify their apps.

We understands the detailed Microsoft’s certification requirements. Our consultancy services prepare your application for certification and provide guidance on the implementation of internal security controls, policies, procedures and security enhancements, necessary to meet Microsoft’s standards.

Application Security Assessment and Penetration Test

A key aspect of the certification process is the successful completion of a security assessment and penetration test. Our team of experienced security professionals conduct a comprehensive security review, identifying potential vulnerabilities. We collaborate with your IT team for remediation, helping ensure your app meets Microsoft’s security standards.

Support Throughout the Certification Process

From the initial preparation, which requires precise scoping of your IT landscape, to the submission of evidence and getting the actual Microsoft 365 App Certification, we are with you at each step. We liaise directly with Microsoft’s auditors to guide your business through the paperwork and bureaucracy, so you can focus on your core business and creating fantastic apps.


Achieving the Microsoft 365 App Certification is a significant milestone that attests to the security of your app. It not only enhances your app’s credibility but also offers a competitive edge in the market. With Blue Arca’s extensive experience and dedication, navigating the certification process becomes less daunting, paving the way for your app’s success in the Microsoft ecosystem.

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