Created by ethical hackers

Blue Arca was founded by Clyve Lo-A-Njoe in 2016. He has more than fifteen years of experience in information security, ethical hacking and phishing simulations. He developed the company with other security professionals.

We know from experience how easy it is for hackers to introduce a phishing email into any mailbox. And we have seen how even people with security awareness training can still be easily tempted to click on embedded links in a phishing email. This triggered us to find solutions to strengthen the weakest link: the human firewall.

Our aim at Blue Arca is to use our expertise to protect companies and governmental organisations against potentially devastating phishing attacks. Our anti-phishing solution caters to larger organisations with 1000+ employees in particular, which have a responsibility to protect personal data and a high cyber-risk profile.

We are based in both Europe and Asia with offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong.