Microsoft Security

Security for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

At Blue Arca we elevate the security of your Microsoft 365 applications and Microsoft Azure infrastructure. As businesses increasingly migrate to these cloud applications, your company data scatters across all different applications and devices. Ensuring the safety of Microsoft 365 and Azure becomes paramount.

With Microsoft 365 powering your office applications and Microsoft Azure backing your cloud infrastructure, a secure implementation is non-negotiable. While both platforms are designed with robust built-in protections, not all security features are enabled by default and are not tailored to the risk appetite of your organisation.

Our Specialized Microsoft Services

At Blue Arca, we specialise on amplifying the security features of both Microsoft 365 and Azure. We have built a security framework to protect our clients Microsoft cloud services:

  1. E-mail and Apps: Boost real-time defenses against malicious phishing e-mails and CEO fraud across Microsoft 365 email solutions and apps like Teams and Sharepoint.
  2. Azure Infrastructure: Establish and maintain a secure perimeter around your Azure resources, ensuring seamless yet secure operations.
  3. Information Protection: Implement safeguards on endpoints and in SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, and Azure storage to label information and prevent unintended data leakages.
  4. Identity & Access Management: Ensure secure and streamlined authentication of identities across your Microsoft 365 applications and Azure services.
  5. Compliance Audits and Reviews: Leverage Microsoft 365’s Compliance Center and Defender to guarantee adherence to industry standards and regulations.

The Blue Arca Advantage:

  • Tailored Expertise: Our specialization features of both Microsoft 365 and Azure ensures top-tier security for your organisation.
  • Future-Ready: Proactively preparing for and addressing evolving threats in the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Customized Solutions: Security strategies uniquely designed for your business’s specific Microsoft setup. We offer specific security frameworks that comply with recognized international standards.

Engage With Us to improve your company’s security

With Blue Arca, your Microsoft environments achieve unparalleled protection. Entrust us to transform your digital landscape into a fortress. Ready to secure your Microsoft 365 and Azure platforms? Engage with our experts today. Contact us here.

Microsoft Security