People are like open doors for hackers looking to access sensitive data. Unfortunately, occasional security awareness campaigns don’t leave a lasting effect, people typically keep clicking recklessly on whatever pops up on their screen. This puts you at devastating risk. We mitigate this risk by seamlessly guiding you like an invisible, automated security advisor when a phishing attack is happening.

Built by ethical hackers

Our products against phishing have been developed as a result of more than ten years of experience in ethical hacking and phishing simulations.

Protects the weakest link

Our gateway to obtain login credentials, activate ransomware and spread malware is the momentarily bad judgment of a few employees.

Enterprise Phishing Protection

Protect and educate your employees at the moment they receive a potential threat. The click-rate on phishing e-mails can be decreased significantly by influencing behaviour and giving the right instructions at the right point in time.


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What is Blue Arca Phishing Protection?

Patent Pending Algorithm

Patent Pending Algorithm

Our security algorithm is integrated into the user’s browser or email client and is constantly on the lookout for links in incoming emails that do not fit in the user's daily internet behaviour.

Security Awareness Dashboard

Security Awareness Dashboard

Insight into the security awareness levels of employees to provide a holistic view on the human-risk of the enterprise.

Phishing Intelligence

Phishing Intelligence

We are constantly matching incoming links against the most up-to-date phishing databases.

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Phishing threats are here to stay. You only mitigate this risk with the right tools and behaviour. Act now.

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