Blue Arca Cyber Security

In a digital realm security is not just a necessity but the bedrock of excellence. Experience cyber security tailored to the highest standards, safeguarding your operations and valuable assets with unparalleled sophistication.


Ensure that sensitive information is protected, maintaining privacy and preventing unauthorized disclosure.


Safeguard accuracy and reliability of data and information to maintain trustworthiness.


Ensure that data and systems are accessible when needed, supporting seamless continuity of operations.


Financial Services

Protecting sensitive financial data and data of customers, and ensuring the security of financial transactions is paramount. Blue Arca Cyber Security is your trusted partner for comprehensive cybersecurity services tailored to the unique needs of the financial sector.
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Luxury Maritime

The increasing reliance on digital technology and interconnected systems on super yachts has made cyber security a critical concern for super yacht owners and operators. Understanding the potential cyber risks your yacht is exposed to is crucial, and a periodic review is essential.
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Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

In an era where cyberattacks are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated, safeguarding your business is a necessity. Our mission is to make high-quality cybersecurity accessible for SMEs, ensuring that you can operate securely and confidently in the digital landscape.
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Clyve Lo-A-Njoe

Clyve Lo-A-Njoe

Founder & CEO

Clyve brings more than 15 years of experience in cyber security and is CISSP certified. He founded Blue Arca Cyber Security in 2016 with his mission to protect valuable data and information of small and medium companies in the financial industry. Nowadays, he is passionate about innovative technologies to encrypt the internet with seamless user experience.

Bryan Satterly

Bryan Satterly

Business Development

Bryan brings over 10 years of experience in venture capital investing and helping grow technology businesses around the world. He focuses on building industry relationships and corporate strategy at Blue Arca.

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Our clientele and partners

“Working with Clyve Lo-A-Njoe from Blue Arca Cyber Security for the second time in two years was again very satisfactory. Clyve gave us peace of mind with his broad experience in the field.”

We provide our cyber security expertise to support EcoMatcher in their sustainability vision. Their technology platform opens up to their Fortune 500 clients. These clients demand a next level of cyber security maturity from EcoMatcher. We fulfil the cyber security manager role in the company to ensure that EcoMatcher complies with security standards and maintains their Microsoft 365 App certification.

We provide our ethical hacking services and cyber security reviews on a Feadship-built yacht in the Asia Pacific. For the satellite, navigation systems and all wired and wireless connected entertainment we ensure that security is on par with the latest standards.

We are proud to support Velocity Technology in providing security to its clients in the Asia Pacific. We provide Velocity resources for ethical hacking, penetration tests and vulnerability assessment for their clients in the financial industry.

We partnered with PwC to support their external IT audit teams during peak seasons. As certified IT auditors we comply with the high standards that are required to ensure integrity of IT systems and data that are relevant for the financial statements of Fortune 500 companies.

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