Your employees still receive phishing emails despite all technology investments. And you are not the only company exposed to this risk. Many companies buy the latest technology to keep phishing emails outside the door, but it seems not enough. Malicious actors keep finding ways to avoid email filters, anti-spoofing technologies, advanced threat protection (ATP) and secure DMARC configuration settings. And over and over with the same impact: phishing emails that lead to compromised networks and data-losses.

A simple flaw in most technologies is that we cannot protect what we do not know. Artificial intelligence comes closest to predict and protect against phishing, but we are not there yet. The only way to fill this gap is to leverage the vigilance of your employees and strength the human-firewall. Why would you invest so much in technologies while we can use our employees and maximise protection against phishing attacks? Yes, you already spend a lot on security awareness training and phishing simulations that reduce the phishing risk to a certain level. But to effectively protect your company against phishing you require a zero-tolerance policy. You just cannot let one employee not pay attention to a phishing email that can lead to enormous losses to your company.

The solution to this problem is to make your employees aware at the moment it matters the most: when they receive an e-mail with a phishing link. The solution to this problem lies in influencing correct behaviour by communication and enforcing secure behaviour with technology at this crucial moment. We strongly believe in a combined solution of the two to effectively combat phishing.

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