Vigilance when it really matters

People are the highest-risk targets in the cybersecurity of any company. Hackers target them via phishing and try to obtain login credentials, activate ransomware or spread malware. At Blue Arca, we have developed innovative anti-phishing software to mitigate that risk. It acts as a personal automated security advisor that triggers your employees to be vigilant at the moment it really matters.

Personal anti-phishing software

No amount of security awareness training will keep people alert to phishing attacks throughout a busy working day. Our anti-phishing software continuously checks all incoming email against a personal user profile. Any unknown sender or embedded link will trigger a notification for the user to check the potential security risk. If the user marks it as a potential threat, the email is reported to security management or the network administrator for further investigation.


What is Blue Arca Anti-Phishing?

Personal Profile Algorithm

Personal Profile Algorithm

Our security algorithm is integrated in the user’s web browser or email client
and is constantly on the lookout for suspicious links in incoming emails that
do not match their daily internet behaviour.

Security Awareness Dashboard

Our dashboard interface provides insight into the security awareness levels
of employees to gain a holistic view of the human risk factor within your

Phishing Intelligence

Phishing Intelligence

We constantly match incoming links against the most up-to-date phishing

Phishing News

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Phishing threats are here to stay. The only way to mitigate the risks is with the right tools and behaviour. Please get in touch to find out how we can help. Also if you would like to become a reseller of our anti- phishing software.


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