When do I receive an alert?

When an email that does not fit into your daily routine arrives in your Chrome or Edge browser webmail you will receive an alert.

What happens if I press “This email is safe”?

The email is marked as safe and the links in the e-mail are released. The Blue Arca anti-phishing extension learns from your action. The alert will not appear anymore when you receive similar emails.

What do I need to do if I believe that an email is malicious?

Press “This email is malicious”. All potential phishing links in this email will be disabled to protect you from phishing.

Blue Arca anti-phishing extension installation steps:

  1. Go to the Chrome Store with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge 10
  2. Click ‘Add to Chrome”
  3. Click ‘Add Extension”
  4. You are now protected against phishing emails in Gmail, Outlook.com and Live.com. Depending on your web browser settings a Blue Arca logo appears in the taskbar.

Which information does Blue Arca see in my e-mailbox?

We receive the domain names of links that you report without your personal information. I.e. we do not know who has reported which domain name. We learn from the domain names that you report to protect all users of the Blue Arca anti-phishing extension community globally.

Is the extension also available for Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, we have a plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Please contact us for further details.