How do we keep your company protected?

We identify websites that stand out from the employee’s typical job pattern, such as links that they have never before visited or emails from unknown senders. Firewalls and email filters simply cannot catch many of these because they are unknown.

Our anti-phishing software is integrated in the employee’s web browser or email client and is constantly on the lookout for unknown links in incoming emails. Like an automated guardian angel on their shoulder, we make the employee aware of the risk and advise on the situation. In addition, employees can report the phishing emails they come across to their manager or the security team.

Anti-phishing software that is customisable

Administrators of the anti-phishing software can maintain a white list of common company-specific websites and are informed about websites that employees mark as safe. Furthermore, the tone-of-voice of the alerts can easily be tailored to the company’s requirements with regard to increasing awareness.

Social Media

As well as mitigating the risk of phishing in emails, Blue Arca anti-phishing software also protects employees on social media platforms. The software is integrated in the web browser and also alerts employees to suspicious links in social media messages from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, for example.

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